ProDec - Process Decontamination Chemical

During plant turnaround when columns and vessels are exposed to atmosphere, the pressence of hydrocarbon residues, coke and pyrophoric iron sulfide contribute the most to fire hazard during mechanical works. ProDec is therefore designed as a offline decontamination and degassing chemical to eliminate toxic gases and contain fire hazard.

ProDec deliver high assurance of safety for maintenance works dealing with H2S issues. It is water soluble and performs at a wide range of temperatures, it is proven effective for system contains up to 10,000 ppm of H2S to achieve < 1.0 ppm toxic gases and 0 LEL.

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Performance Features

Application Method

Continuous or batch application is recommended with circulation and steaming techniques. The process system shall start with the ratio of 1:250 of ProDec and Water or Steam. For storage tank, the ratio of 1:400 is satisfactory. The period of circulation required depends on the ProDec ratio and the right operating temperature. Generally ProDec is applied by circulation technique for a period between 8-12 hours.


Typical Physical Properties

Operating Temperatures Min 25 to Max 250 degree Celsius
Physical State Liquid (water based)
Boiling Point 101 degree Celsius
Flash Point Non-Flammable
Density 0.992 - 1.082 kg/L at 25 degree Celsius
Appearance Green
Odor Mild Cinnamon
pH 5.5 - 6.5


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