Demulsifier is a water soluble product for crude oil recovery from water-in-oil emulsion. Comprises of poly-ol, solvent and surfactant to effectively recover oil from stubborn emulsion, producing sharp phase separation layer for good recovered oil quality at both offshore and onshore facilities. Demulsifier performs at ambient temperature, and achieves optimum performance at higer temperature between 45 - 70 degree Celsius.

Performance Features

Application Method

Demulsifier is injected as far upstream as possible to aid separation due to better mixing with emulsion. Emulsion breaking can be a very complex task as oilfield emulsion from a single source can vary over time, hence bottle test is usually carried out to determine the dosing required. Typical dosing is between 50 - 150 ppm. The actual volume required depends on several factors such as emulsion, crude and water type, and in-situ system configuration.


Typical Physical Properties

Operating Temperatures Min 25 to Max 90 degree Celsius
Physical State Liquid
Boiling Point 103 degree Celsius
Appearance Light orange
Odor Mild odor
pH 5 - 6


Propietary Chemicals