Oxygen Scavenger

Oxygen Scavenger is a water soluble solution to effectively eliminate dissolved oxygen in fresh or produced water at water injection well. It performs at lower temperature water system and robust application conditions to prevent general and pitting corrosion, and increases equipment life-span.

Performance Features

Application Method

Oxygen Scavenger is applied neat with continuous injection being recommended with typical dosing of 30 - 250 ppm. Water temperature, water quality, water pH level and the presence of other specialty chemicals will affect the scavenging rate. Actual volume required depends on the field conditions and system dynamics.


Typical Physical Properties

Operating Temperatures Min 15 to Max 190 degree Celsius
Physical State Liquid
Pour Point -5 degree Celsius
Flash Point >90 degree Celsius
Density 1.2 kg/L at 25 degree Celsius
Appearance Colorless
Odor Mild odor
pH 6 - 7


Propietary Chemicals