MDC - Mercury Decontamination Chemical

Highly effective and economical offline decontamination formulation to deal with mercury and its oxide presence in both vapor and solid form. A powerful removing agent to effectively eliminate the presence of mercury and stopping further mercury vapor emission to ensure petrochemical plant workers' safety from potential mercury hazard when performing decontamination and cleaning task.

Performance Features

Application Method

The recommended minimum dosing for process system is 50 ppm, and dilution with with DI water at the ratio of 1:400 for storage tank and vessel. Actual volume required depends on the field conditions and system dynamics.


Typical Physical Properties

Operating Temperatures Min 25 to Max 90 degree Celsius
Physical State Liquid
Boiling Point >200 degree Celsius
Flash Point >230 degree Celsius
Density 0.99 - 1.05 kg/L at 15 degree Celsius
Appearance Pale to dark yellow
Odor Mild Odor
pH 5 - 6


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