DRA - Drag Reduction Agent

Propietary blend of hydrocarbon polymer in a complex solvent system formulated to reduce fluid drag or friction during the transportation of crude oil through pipeline to increase flow capacity and decrease pipeline pressure drop. DRA performs well in waxy crude ol separation system to eliminate slugging issue.

Performance Features

Application Method

Actual volume required depends on the flow-rate, pipe volume, crude oil viscosity, wax content, water content and pipe internal surface roughness.


Major application in piping network system at the following injection point:

Typical Physical Properties

Operating Temperatures Min 25 to Max 100 degree Celsius
Physical State Liquid
Pour Point >-10 degree Celsius
Flash Point >150 degree Celsius
Density 0.90 - 0.95 kg/L at 25 degree Celsius
Appearance Blackish
Odor Mild Odor
pH Not applicable


Propietary Chemicals