Sludge Breaker / Dewaxing Agent

A water based concoction of light hydrocarbon solvent to soften and break down heavy oils, tar and asphalt sludge deposits which are found predominatly in the pipelines and storage tanks for quick removal. Low dosing is sufficient to soften the deposits with quick penetrations so that the sludge can be flushed with waste oil or water.

Performance Features

Application Method

Sludge Breaker is typically applied neat at 3%-6% dosing with respect to the amount of sludge to be treated. For tank de-sludging application, after dosing in Sludge Breaker, water is injected and accompanied with necessary agitation to achieve the desired viscosity for removal. For pipelines de-sludging application, continuous pressurized injection into the flow lines is recommended. Optimum dosage, temperature and extent of mixing should be determined for cost effective operation.


Typical Physical Properties

Operating Temperatures Min 25 to Max 80 degree Celsius
Physical State Liquid
Appearance Yellow
Odor Mild odor
Solubility Water soluble
Shelf Life 2 years


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