Our specialty products are remarkable for their superb performance nature and flexible prices.

We have range of products covering from refinery specific chemicals for hydrocarbon processing units to waste water treatment chemicals and cosmetic ingredients.

Oilfield Chemicals
Products Description Functions
Process Decontamination Chemical
Biodegradable alcohol ethoxylated and enzymatic based compound in a complex detergent system. Decontaminate toxic gasses and hydrocarbon traces. Convert H2S into soluble byproduct for removal. Decontamination solution to H2S & LEL hazards.
Sludge Breaker
Dewaxing Agent
Water based formulation in concentrated form to soften hydrocarbon sludge with quick penetration. Taken on heavy oils, tar and asphalt sludge deposits which are found predominantly in the pipelines and storage tanks.
Pour Point Depressant
Propietary polymeric-blend which modify the wax crystal structure to mitigate waxy aggregates growth. Pour point reduction to improve crude oil flow properties along production process and transportation pipelines.
Mercury Decontamination Chemical
Powerful removing agent to eliminate the mercury and its oxide presence formation in both vapor and solid form. Ensure petrochemical plant workers' safety from mercury hazard when performning decontamination and maintenance jobs during turnaround.
Drag Reduction Agent
Aqueous & oil based formulation to apply in Main Oil Line (MOL) or pump discharge point which experience critical pressure buildup or low expected throughput. Eliminate slugging issue and optimize throughput for turbulent fluid flow issue in crude oil pipeline transportation system.
H2S Scavenger Water soluble amine resin solution in a complex alcohol system to remove H2S in both liquid and gas phase. Remove H2S in sour crude system, fuel oil and gas production system.
Scale Inhibitor Water soluble phosphate and carboxylic acid polymer based compound. Excellent scale inhibiting properties against the formation of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and barium sulfate scales.
Corrosion Inhibitor Water soluble product for corrosion control against acidic gas and inorganic salt corrosion. Effective against carbon dioxide and H2S induced corrosion.
Biocide Coco-diamine and quaternary ammonium based formulation to control bacteria population. Address safety, equipment and regulatory issues resulting from bacteria growth and the production of biogenic H2S problem.
Demulsifier Water soluble poly-ol, solvent and surfactant system to recover oil from stubborn emulsion by showing sharp phase separation layer. Quality crude oil recovery from water-in-oil emulsion.
Oxygen Scavenger Water soluble solution to eliminate dissolved oxygen. Eliminate dissolved oxygen in fresh or produced water at water injection well.
Water Clarifier
Glycol based liquid-solid separation chemical. Eliminate oilfield water quality problems for economical compliance with environmental obligations.

Propietary Chemicals